24 Colony St. – MERIDEN, CT

Client Profile

24 Colony Street is a 5-story multi-use building located in downtown Meriden. The building features 63 residential units, along with first floor commercial space and a 265 space multi-level parking garage.

The client wanted a Green solution that would reduce the utility bills for its tenants and maintain the exterior beauty of the revitalized historic district.


Because the building is situated in a historic area of the city, the utility company did not have enough natural gas service in the area to provide for the required needs. They needed an alternative solution that would not only meet the requirements of the residential units but for the commercial as well which includes food service items like coolers and freezers.

The residential units are also a mix of affordable housing tenants, so they wanted to ensure that the utility bills in the cold Connecticut winters would be affordable.

The Solution

Geothermal Innovations designed and installed the geothermal field to meet the combined residential and commercial heating/cooling loads of the property. The field consists of 24 bores at a depth of 400 LF. Because of the space constraints of the area, the system uses the Michigan manufactured Gi-4 ground heat exchanger. By utilizing Gi-4, the field size was a substantially reduced from the traditional u-bend system (74 bores) allowing it to fit in the limited existing space.

The ResultsĀ 

The customer is very happy with the geothermal and the savings. The geothermal system qualified for Energy Tax Credits and MACRS Accelerated Depreciation which reduced the initial cost of the geothermal system $145,000.

The geothermal HVAC now provides a 70% energy savings over an electric HVAC alternative and offers an additional 15% savings for the food service tenants. This energy savings will result in a return on investment of less than 4 years.

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