The Golden Gate Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

The expansion and renovation of the Golden Gate preserves and enhances a Las Vegas legacy – not only this classic 106-year-old building, but the Las Vegas spirit and the mystique it embodies. Throughout the renovations, Golden Gate Casino’s goal was clear: remain true to their vintage Vegas character and deliver an experience that is original, people-centric and bursting with energy.

GI designed and provided site supervision for the installation of a vertical ground source system for the hotel’s 7 walk-in coolers, 10 reach-in coolers, 12 slush machines, and 2 water-source heat pumps that cools the Golden Gate Casino. The project’s balanced loads consisted of a 30-ton hot water load and a 30-ton refrigeration load . Since GI’s patented Gi4 heat exchanger was scoped for this project, a vertical borefield was feasible with the limited space available in the downtown Las Vegas site location. The geothermal well-field consisted of 10 boreholes spaced 20 feet apart and were drilled to 350 feet deep underneath the hotels parking lot.

“We have had zero maintenance on the geothermal system. In addition to that, the system has the ability to provide free domestic hot water and practically eliminated our natural gas bill. We’re probably saving $100,000 a year.” G. Stevens – Owner

Former Gas Bill

Current Gas Bill

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