The LaFontaine Complex – Highland, Michigan

LaFontaine Automotive Group developed a plan to become the first traditional automotive dealership in Michigan to obtain LEED certification for new construction and the first Gold LEED certified GM dealership nationwide. This program promotes environmental stewardship through green design and construction standards.

The geothermal well-field consists of 64 boreholes on a closed-continuous loop, in 10 zones, and the heat exchangers reach a depth of 350 feet. The closed loop system involved the construction of a piping loop within which a liquid solution continuously circulates. The two pipes connect to an underground coil to the heat pump units within the heating/cooling building. Tubes and coils inside the wells are filled with water and other liquids and help move heat and cold back and forth between the earth and the building to achieve the right temperature. This geothermal system is used to heat the water mixture during the winter and cool the water mixture during the summer. As the solution circulates through the earth, it is cooled and re-circulates through the building providing both heating and cooling throughout the facility.

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