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We use geothermal technology and proven, optimized processes to deliver projects with significantly higher quality, shorter time frames, and lower cost.

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Proudly Serving Excellence & Energy Independence


We provide innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of design, build, and integration. We have the training, knowledge, experience and skill-set to facilitate cost-effective solutions.


Geothermal Innovations provides field installation oversight and commissioning for a wide range of ground geothermal heat exchangers including Vertical, Horizontal, Slinky, and Pond/River/Lake closed loops as well as open loops.


Utilizing geothermal technology will showcase greater environmental sustainability throughout your development/community- providing compelling and financially prudent results on a development-wide scale.


We offer client support in developing the best options to fund the geothermal system and energy improvements using energy savings. We will assist with state and federal rebates, tax credits, and many other financing options.

We have strategically aligned ourself with a proprietary heat exchanger, Gi-4! Learn more below.

The Gi-4™ is a revolutionary engineered heat exchanger designed to improve the performance of vertical geothermal well fields. Engineered by a group of geothermal industry leaders, the Gi-4™ is designed to maximize heat exchange with the formation and minimize the thermal pollution between the fluid supply and return ports.



Our Latest Work

With decades worth of experience, we have had the opportunity to serve many different industries and have obtained a multitude of experience. We understand which implementations are best served for our clients.

24 Colony Street Building


Return on Investment

Less than โ†’ 4 Years


Geothermal Innovations designed and installed the geothermal field to meet the combined residential and…

Meriden, CT

Combined Garage and Office Space


Gas Bill

Less Than โ†’ 10ยข/Sq Ft


This new 13,200 Sq Ft building is used for both commercial office use and as a climate controlled storage facility…

Nothport, Michigan

River Terrace Square


Gas Bill

$499,000/year โ†’ $259,000/year


Geothermal Innovations designed and installed the geothermal field for a 337-ton system that is based on a block…

Detroit, Michigan

Our Clients

Geothermal Innovations have had the pleasure in serving clients and their projects listed below.

River Terrace Apartments, Detroit, MI

Greater Michigan Maxillofacial Surgery Center, Bay City, MI

Northport Collection Facility, Northport, MI

Bingham Apartments, Bristol, CT

Yale Acres, Meriden, CT

24 Colony Street, Meriden, CT

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