Geo-Communities / Developers

We use geothermal technology and proven, optimized processes to deliver projects with significantly higher quality, shorter time frames, and lower cost.

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Geo-Communities / Developers

Utilizing geothermal technology will showcase greater environmental sustainability throughout your development/community. Going green with geothermal provides compelling and financially prudent results on an individual and development-wide scale.

Like the development, geothermal is an investment. Both retrofit and new construction have energy savings that offset the cost of installation over a short period of time. Think of geothermal in terms of Net Present Value (NPV). If you install a system that produces cash flow savings over its lifetime with a value (equal to the value of the ground loop) the NPV is almost always positive. We are often asked “what is the payback” period? Geothermal will produce energy savings, which will equal or exceed the cost of the system installation over a period of time. That period of time is dependent on each situation and should include all the incentives such as tax credits, accelerated depreciation, local utility rebates, etc. Our response to “What is the payback period for your conventional HVAC system design?” is none.

With rising overall costs and uncertainties in the economy, developers and communities are increasingly open to considering alternative energy options. Geothermal Innovations will help develop a geothermal focused “Master Plan” with similar characteristics to that of traditional electric, water, and natural gas utilities. Conventional utilities are “plug and play”, being available for building connection where required. Geothermal Innovations will work with any development team to create a Earth coupled HVAC equivalent option, giving the developer a utility system with STABLE energy costs, a “Green” image and overall lower operating expenses.

A Geo-Community system provides both new and existing developments several advantages that will establish and promote it as a leader in energy efficiency and a substantially “GREEN” marketable edge.

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