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We use geothermal technology and proven, optimized processes to deliver projects with significantly higher quality, shorter time frames, and lower cost.

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Consulting & Engineering

Geothermal Innovations’ engineering/consulting team and our certified geo-designers provide a broad range of engineering services as well as experience in a wide range of industries. We strive to provide the most reliable, energy efficient and sustainable alternatives available.

Ground-Loop Installation

Geothermal Innovations provide field design and installation oversight and commissioning for a wide range of ground geothermal heat exchangers including open loop (water well, pond, lake and river), advanced vertical and horizontal closed loops, pond/lake/river closed loops, hybrid loops for load balancing with other systems such as dry coolers, chillers, etc.

Geo-Communities & Developers

With rising overall costs and uncertainties in the economy, developers and communities are increasingly open to considering alternative energy options. Geothermal Innovations will help develop a Geo focused “Master Plan” with similar characteristics to that of traditional electric, water, and natural gas utilities.


We offer client support in developing the best options to fund the geothermal system and energy improvements using energy savings. Geothermal Innovations will develop a package with state and federal rebates, tax credits, geo-community partnerships and many other financing options.

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We support our clients to make their operations more sustainable, reliable and cost effective through energy management, efficiency improvements and engineering solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project with us.