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We use geothermal technology and proven, optimized processes to deliver projects with significantly higher quality, shorter time frames, and lower cost.

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The geothermal industry is leading the way to energy independence. Although still recognized as a new alternative and concept, Geothermal Innovations has decades of combined experience and understanding of this proven technology. This has allowed Geothermal Innovations the opportunity to not only become experts in the Geothermal industry, but also the wisdom and expertise to introduce innovative concepts and products that further promote Geothermal technologies. 

Ingenuity. Diligence. Performance. Commitment.

We rigorously measure the business impact of our service offerings – resulting in solutions that are optimized to substantially improve performance and deliver business value you can measure. As such, Geothermal Innovations distinguishes itself by how we apply geothermal technologies, validated by decades of proven implementations. Geothermal Innovations will be diligent and conscientious in understanding the full nature of your business or community-wide energy needs and the variables in play (strategy, business, technology, and environment). The policies and principles we subscribe to are based on industry approved best practices and standards, which has helped Geothermal Innovations adopt a successful systematic approach in providing the up-most quality in the industry.

Our Focus.

We combine expert geothermal consulting & geomechanical engineering, while leveraging innovative heat exchange technologies to create business and community-changing solutions. This combination opens the door for cost-feasibility, in comparison to the upfront cost of a conventional system or community-wide utility. Your return on investment will be cleaner and greener.

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We support our clients to make their operations more sustainable, reliable and cost effective through energy management, efficiency improvements and engineering solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project with us.