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Updates from 24 Colony Street

The 24 Colony Street project is firing on all cylinders, and even had a special guest on-site this week. Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy, as well as several other city and state representatives and officials, were present for the official groundbreaking ceremony on...

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Geothermal Training Completed

The second phase of the Geothermal training program was completed earlier this March. The first phase involved studying the theory and methodology behind geothermal technology in order to pass the IGSHPA test, which certifies individuals to be geothermal installation...

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AEG’s Partner Spotlight: Geothermal Innovations

Geothermal Innovations, AEG’s geothermal provider, is a pioneer in geothermal technology.  Check out our earlier post about Gi 4 Heat Exchanger technology for more information on their latest patented product.  Not only  have they created a cost saving and more...

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Geothermal Field Vertical Installations Complete

The last of the GI.4 Heat Exchangers were installed last week. Work will begin soon on the horizontal connections between the bores and will eventually be connected to the buildings in the geo-district. While the bore headers currently appear above grade, the entire...

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Geothermal Field Installation Underway

Based on the Thermal Conductivity Test, Geothermal Innovations has designed a geothermal field for our three building “district” that will have 10, 400ft bores. Since only one of the three buildings is currently being upgraded to an Energy Star Model, the engineers...

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IGSHPA Training Session

GeoNetZero hosted an IGSHPA Accredited Installer Workshop in Meriden, CT on January 11-13, and plans to host another training session in April or May.  The workshop educated and trained individuals on how geothermal works and how to install the geothermal energy...

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