Greater Michigan Oral Surgery – Bay City, Michigan

The building is a newly built, 7,000 sq ft, State of the Art Surgical Center. The customer needed an HVAC solution which was not only efficient but affordable and environmentally friendly as well.

The front elevation of the building design includes a solid glass front entrance and patient waiting area. Because of this direct exposure to the extreme Michigan winter weather and the sunny summers, this area needed careful consideration for controlling temperatures. In addition, the building has surgical suites in the back that use a lot of lighting and require the staff to wear surgical clothing and attire which make the rooms feel extremely warm. To achieve maximum comfort these suites needed the ability to have a separate temperature control from the rest of the building.

The Solution
Geothermal Innovations (GI) designed and installed a geothermal field for a 15-ton system with peak cooling loads of 138 kbtu/hr and peak heat loads of 122 kbtu/hr. We installed 4 bores at a depth of 400 ft using the Michigan manufactured Gi-4 heat exchanger.
GI worked closely with the mechanical engineer to ensure that the design fits all of the building requirements. This included a solution for the fluctuating glassed in the front entrance. It was designed with a water to water, in floor, heat system which used a 3-ton geothermal heat pump. The design also includes 2 separate 7.5-ton water to air RTU’s controlled independently. One unit operates the surgical suites, while the other meets the needs of the rest of the building.

The Results
The building opened in 2018 and the system is operating as anticipated. The customer is currently enjoying their low monthly bills averaging $225 and expects a payback of fewer than 5 years. They are so pleased with the system that they have committed to using geothermal at their other 3 locations.

Current Utility Costs

Expected Payback
5 years

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